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From November 7th to 9th, 2019, the 21st China Retail Expo was held in Qingdao China Railway Expo City. Domestic mainstream commercial cold chain equipment industry companies and chain convenience store industry companies participated in the exhibition. At this expo, the company and Embraco, the world's leading commercial compressor brand, jointly released the world's first full-frequency commercial display cabinet based on R290 refrigerant, breaking through the energy-saving bottleneck of commercial display cabinets and leading the industry's new trend. .
     Mr. Gao Ning, Sales Director of Hairong Cold Chain Supermarket, introduced the Hairong SD480 / 700 combination freezer display cabinet released this time. It is a new energy-efficient product developed by the company for community supermarkets and convenience stores. The products of inverter compressor technology are the research and development results of the company's R & D team and industry experts from Embraco for many years. Compared with similar products, this product can achieve an energy saving effect of about 30%, at the same time can effectively save the floor space of the store, and greatly improve the flat efficiency and grade of the store.
    At this conference, Mr. Li Li, Sales Director of Embraco China, shared the technical and performance advantages of the first R290 inverter compressor with the participants.
       Mr. Wang Congfei, Deputy Secretary General of the Refrigeration Society, shared the broad application prospects of R290 frequency conversion products from the perspective of the refrigeration industry.
       General Manager Yang Ping, General Manager of Industry Online, shared the development trend of inverter energy-saving products from the perspective of the big data industry of inverter products.
    Mr. Ma Hongkui, the director and deputy general manager of Hairong Cold Chain, introduced the application of R290 refrigerant in Hairong Cold Chain to the participants, shared the practical application cases of Embraco R290 full-frequency commercial compressors, and shared with Enbu Mr. Tian Xiliang, the marketing director of Laco China, unveiled the new generation commercial combination freezer display cabinet SD480 / SD700 equipped with Embraco R290 full inverter compressor.
    The new product conference attracted many exhibitors to stop and expressed their optimism about the market prospects of new products and technologies. The conference was a complete success.

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